Pre-school activities - what do we get up to?


Ready for the children to arrive!

Each morning the staff set up the Pre-School ready for the children to start at 8.30am.  This ensures that each day, new challenges are available to the children - alongside the areas that remain similar each session. All seven areas of the curriculum are covered, both indoors and outdoors, at Pre-School - ensuring wherever your child likes to be, they are getting every development opportunity.



Each session at Pre-School includes a staff-led reading time.  There are always books available for the children to look at and staff to read with them on a group or individual basis.  Each term children from Capel Primary School visit us to read with the children too - something the children all look forward to!



The playdough table is invariably busy for children to make all sorts of things...whether it's a sailing ship, a plate of spaghetti, or a dinosaur, there's always something exciting happening at the playdough table!


Outdoor Area

The door to the outside area is always open (unless we're having really terrible weather!) and children are free to visit this area during each session.  Outside, we have various areas for the children to play in - including a sandpit, tyres and our garden planters.



The computer is available for children to use at each session, with a variety of interactive games for them to play.  



We are lucky enough to be surrounded by a large recreation ground, in which we take nature walks to explore our environment.  We also participate in the Community Orchard and enjoy visiting to watch the fruit grow - but best of all we like to pick and eat it!


Capel Village Fete

Every year the staff, the parents, and (of course!) the children take part in the annual Village Fete Procession through the streets to the Recreation Ground.  This year the theme was colours and we were allocated the colour Red.  It was a great opportunity to all dress up as Strawberries!


Handing Out Strawberries

Staff handed out strawberries to the crowds lining the street as we walked down - and we were thrilled to be awarded first place in the parade competition!


Story Time

Staff read stories to the children during each session in age-appropriate groups.  Following the story there is often discussion amongst the group about what the story was about! We like to explore what happened together, share our ideas, and learn from each other.