Funding available

At Capel Pre-School, we accept children under all types of funding available from the Government.  This could be the Free for 2 Scheme, Universal 3 and 4 years old Free Early Education Funding, the 30 hours funding, or Tax Free Childcare, for example.

At the beginning of the school year, parents are sent a copy of the Parental Declaration form. Parents who are hoping to receive the funding available from the government need to fill this form in and return it to the Pre-School. If you have lost your copy of the form, you can download a replacement copy using the link at the bottom of this page. 

--------        Below are some links to information and forms which relate to claiming funding:        --------

- To find out whether your child is eligible for various funding schemes, please follow this link: 

Childcare Choices

- If you would like to find out more information about Free for 2 Funding,  please follow this link:

Free for 2 Information

 To help you work out when your child will be eligible for funding, here are the age ranges:

1 April - 31 August (inclusive)The start of term 1 following their third birthday (after summer holidays) until statutory school age.

1 September - 31 December (inclusive)The start of term 3 following their third birthday (after Christmas/New Year holiday) until statutory school age.

1 January - 31 March (inclusive)The start of term 5 following their third birthday (after April holiday) until statutory school age. 

If you have any questions or concerns about funding, please feel free to get in contact with our administrator, Alison Smith, on 07936 151326.

One of our current parents has kindly written a Help Sheet to help with apply for the 30 hours funding.  Please use the link below to download this.